What is Forest Measure? Forest Measure is a new forestry data collection and management tool. Field data are entered on an Android device. When your tablet connects with your computer, data are uploaded. You’ve got spreadsheets of georeferenced data instantly! You can collect, share, summarize, and analyze all in a day’s work.

Who Is It For?


Academic institutions

Environmental consultants


Citizen scientists

How Does Forest Measure Work?

Forestry measurements are recorded on an Android device in the field and uploaded using the desktop software platform.

Data can be reviewed, shared, filtered, and reported immediately.

Where Can Forest Measure Be Used?

Use it anywhere!

Forest Measure uses the global positioning system (GPS) embedded in most Android devices to provide accurate location information in remote field locations.

Why Use Forest Measure?

Forest Measure streamlines field data collection and eliminates data entry.

Spreadsheets are created instantaneously.

Large teams can easily share and compare data.

About Forest Measure

Forest Measure allows professional foresters and citizen scientists to capture forest data efficiently and effectively at a fraction of the cost of similar software. The simplicity and low cost of Forest Measure make paper datasheets a thing of the past. Hours of data entry time are avoided and data aggregation by large teams becomes possible.